BH40 Be Happy For Nothing!

We host online global talent shows, with a philanthropic twist. happy for nothing  what are we all about?

The "bh" means " be happy" as our goal is to turn despair caused by poverty (lack of food, clothing, education or other basic needs i.e. water, shelter and medical) for children and youths into happiness.
This is also clearly depicted in the imagery of our logo.
"40" - we believe that every child/young person should have access to these basic resources, without worry or concern.
The numbers "40" represent the words "for nothing." Our aim is to increase positivity everywhere.
1. Emergency support and provision 
2. Business planning and development
3. Business management and mentorship model - adding strategic value to the area and country we work in.


  • Charities
  • Orphanages
  • other appropriate agencies

We attract and secure funding, investments and sponsorships through our global talent shows, our yearly events and fundraising events featuring our children and youth and our global partners from various countries, encouraging them in building confidence and self-esteem through participation in our shows and through our projects.

Our online store sells our merchandise and we hope to introduce a furniture arm, through which we also generate income.
Overall these channels enable us to build a positive mental, psychological and physical outlook that in turn equip and empower our children and young people to achieve a better future.

Our Events

We hold regular and annual fundraising events here in the UK to raise as much financial support as possible and network with like minded individuals/businesses for the benefit of the local and global projects we are involved in. We will keep you posted on current events we are holding in the section below.


BH40 Charity Summer Ball 2024

DATE: FRIDAY 14TH JUNE, 6:45 PM - 1:00 AM


BH40 Online Store

We have an online store which sells household and general items, clothing and office stationery among other things.
For every sale we make - £1 goes to the British Heart Foundation.

Click the link below to see what we have on offer!

Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is to " bring the happy"
1. “bh40" = 'Be happy' i.e. we aim to exchange sadness, misery and despair caused by poverty (lack of food, shelter, clothing and education), for renewed hope, faith and motivation for a better future.
2. For nothing - meaning children and young people across the globe should not have to worry about these things, as they often have to... from a very young age (from 2 years old)!
We are constantly building new networks or connections and partnerships, to help us achieve our mission to reach those who are physically or mentally unwell and those who are suffering and lonely or perhaps feeling a little isolated. People who are looking for encouragement, confidence and a positivity boost.
 We aim to work with our partners, such as British Heart Foundation to make a real difference (through our fundraising and events ) to the life-changing work they do to help those with heart issues.
We want to help in the groundbreaking research and work projects that the BHF carry out. We also hope to work closely with the NHS and other government networks as needed in our vision.

Our Mission:
To change the world - one smile at a time!
If you would like to make a difference then you can make a donation via our online app.
Please send your donations TO uS using our online app HERE:

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