Our Data Privacy Notice

GDPR Regulations 2018

This is the privacy notice of "bh40 be happy for nothing. (ADB) A Different Brand Ltd" (registration number: 1307882) whose registered office is at 6 Howley Park Business Village, Pullan Way, Morley, Leeds, LS27 0BZ referred to as, or in this privacy notice.
This privacy notice also provides certain information that is legally required and lists your rights in relation to your personal data.

This privacy notice relates to personal information that identifies you as a natural person (whether you are an actual or potential customer, an individual who browses our website or an individual outside our organisation with whom we interact). We refer to this information throughout this privacy notice as personal data or personal information and further detail of what this includes are set out in this privacy notice below.

The privacy and security of your personal information is very important to us so we want to assure you that your information will be properly managed and protected by us at all times. Please read this privacy notice carefully as it explains how we may collect and use your personal data.

                                    Information We Collect and How its Used

This privacy notice may vary from time to time so please check it regularly. This privacy notice was last updated on 10th May 2012.

                                                    How to contact us
For the purposes of relevant data protection legislation, we are a controller of your personal data. As a controller we use (or process) the personal data we hold about you in accordance with this privacy notice. If you need to contact us in connection with the use or processing of your personal data, then you can do so using our contact details as set out below:
bh40 be happy for nothing... (ADB)
6 Howley Park Business Village,
Pullan Way, Morley,
LS27 0BZ
Email – entries@beh40.com Telephone – 07917030229.            
What information we hold about you and where we obtain this from:
The personal data that we collect about you may include the following information:

1. Personal data you provide to us in person, via our website or by telephone.

2. Personal data you provide when you enquire about our services, or when you formally engage with us, including information about what you would like us to do for you i.e. accounts/tax work including vehicle details, business activities, your home or travel details.

3. General information about you, such as your name, address, contact details and date of birth.
4. Criminal convictions (for due diligence and other compliance work that requires this). Information about your use of our website such as your IP address, which is a unique number identifying your computer, including personal data gathered using cookies. In addition, we may obtain certain special categories of your data (special categories of data) and data about criminal convictions, and this privacy notice specifically sets out how we may process these 2 types of personal data.
The special categories of data are data concerning criminal convictions in cases of fraud suspicions and your immigration status for our due diligence. We collect your personal data from you as a controller when we obtain quotations for services requested by you, when we set up the engagement process for you and when we make changes to your services for you.
This may also involve the collection of data from or about others who are associated with you and your business/charity such as your employees or representatives.
By giving us information about someone else for the purpose of completing the work requested, under your engagement with us, such as employees for payroll bureau) etc, you confirm that you have their permission to do so and that you have shared this privacy notice with them.
By asking us to provide our services to you, where this involves passing information to us relating to children, (only if needed) you confirm to us that in doing so you are the responsible parent/guardian of the child.

How we use your personal data and the lawful basis for doing so:
Where we are relying on a basis other than consent, we may rely on one or more of the following legal bases when processing your personal data for the following purposes:
Information Disclosure
  • Who we pass your personal data toWe may need to pass your personal data to governmental agencies which may include:
 Information Commissioner
 Other fraud prevention agencies and operators of registers available (such as land registry) to our industry to check information and prevent fraud.

These are organisations that have a specific role laid out in law – they are regulatory authorities, to whom we have a duty to or are permitted to disclose your personal information by law, for example if we received a valid request from the police or other third party organisation in the interest of prevention of and detecting financial/other crime.The information you share with us may be transferred by us or any of the types of firms or organisations we have noted above, to other countries in order for processing to take place, including locations outside of the UK and the European Union. We will only do so if there are adequate levels of protection in place as required by applicable data protection laws.
                                                  Public Data & Data Storage
Your Rights
We will only store your data for as long as is necessary to comply with the requirements of your contractual obligation(s) with us and any legal obligations or lawful processing conditions that may exist as a result. You have a number of rights concerning the personal information we use, which you may ask us to observe. In some cases even when you make a request concerning your personal information, we may not be required, or be able to carry out your request as this may result in us not being able to fulfill our legal and regulatory obligations under the lawful processing conditions under which we hold your data or because there is a minimum statutory period of time for which we have to keep your information. If this is the case, we’ll let you know our reasons.
                                   Modifying/Deleting Your Personal Information

You can request us to:

 Provide a copy of your personal information
 Correct or delete unnecessary or inaccurate personal information
 Restrict or to object to the use of your personal information at any time
 Provide your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and to have your personal data transferred to another controller. This right only applies where our processing of your personal data is automated and the processing took place initially with your consent or for the performance of a contract with you.
 You can withdraw that consent at any time – where we rely on your consent to use your personal information. Where your consent is withdrawn, your previous consent will remain valid in respect of our use of your information prior to the date you withdrew it, or if any marketing material has been sent prior to you advising that you don’t want us to contact you again.
If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy notice or your Data Protection rights please contact us using our details set out at the beginning of this privacy notice.
You also have the right to make an enquiry or to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if you are unhappy with our use of your data, or if you think we have breached a legal requirement.
Further details about the ICO are available at: www.ico.org.uk.

Terms of use

Accessing our website and cookies

When you visit one of our websites we may collect information from you, such as your email address, IP address and other online identifiers. This helps us to track unique visits and monitor patterns of customer website traffic, such as who visits and why they visit.
By sending us your videos and/or images you consent to us using your material for promotional purposes in our events.
We use third parties to collate IP addresses to help us understand our Internet traffic data and data regarding your browser type and computer. We may also use web usage information to create statistical data regarding the use of our website.
We may then use or disclose that statistical data to others for marketing and strategic development purposes, but no individuals will be identified in such statistical data. We may use cookies and/or pixel tags on some pages of our website. A cookie is a small text file sent to your computer. A pixel tag is an invisible tag placed on certain pages of our website, but not on your computer. Pixel tags usually work together with cookies to help us to give you a more tailored service.
We also use cookies and pixel tags in our email communication to personalise the email and track whether the email has been opened and whether the recipient has used any website links contained in the email communication. This allows us to monitor and improve our email communications and website.
Useful information about cookies, including how to remove them, can be found at http://allaboutcookies.org.
Internet browsers normally accept cookies by default, although it’s possible to set a browser to reject cookies. We’ll ask your permission before using any cookie that’s not essential to the email or the use of the website.
However, refusing to accept cookies may restrict your use of our website and/or delay or affect the way in which our website operates.
You can find more information on cookies when you visit our website. The open nature of the internet is such that data may flow over networks without security measures, and may be accessed and used by people other than those for whom the data is intended.
While this is outside of our control, we do take the protection of your information very seriously and aim to apply appropriatelevels of security at all times.
​Your data matters...if you have any concerns, please call or email us!