Our beginning

Here is a bit of background on our company and myself as founder of bh40 - be happy for nothing (ADB).

The British Heart Foundation has always been on my heart (not a pun!)

I am a mother of two, with my own consultancy company that was established in 2004.

I have also been working for my husband's accountancy and audit practice since 2002. I got married in 1998 and we have two daughters.

I have unfortunately seen relatives pass away from heart related diseases and therefore I personally know how important the work that the British Heart Foundation does, actually is and the huge difference it has made and will continue to make for the years to come in people's lives.

I’ve been singing since childhood with my father (who is no longer here) but he passed on his enchanting voice and his love of music and singing to myself and my sister. It has always been a personal dream of mine to advocate singing in some way or another. I wanted to create a way to combine my passion of singing with my marketing background to make a difference to the lives of others.

Bh40 was born from that vision.

- Alka Bohorun (Founder)

Alka Bohorun FCIM MCMI

what are the benefits of singing?


It works your facial muscles, it really IS exercise that engages the body and brain!
Singing also requires breathing from the diaphragm which is good for the lungs and heart.


Releases endorphins such as dopamine and serotonin (the happy hormones) and chemicals in the brain, alongside this it reduces the levels of cortisone (stress hormone) in your body.


Lifts your spirit, helps you stay positive! Distracts the mind, and is very therapeutic. Creates positive feelings in the body and mind.

What are the other benefits of musical activity and singing?

Physiological benefits

Singing requires deep breathing which

Slows down the central nervous system

Psychological benefits

Singing unlocks an associative ability to connect songs to happy times and vice versa.

Singing helps overcome the difficult emotions that many are facing and reduces feelings of loneliness or isolation.

We at bh40 will showcase your composing and writing or playing music skills and talents on our platform.

If you are a professional however, you can add your field and contact details on your videos that you send to us, for the Song-a-thons that we post on live-streaming channels.

Joining our fundraising efforts is a great way to help save lives, get your music out there, AND do your part for the British Heart Foundation!