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bh40...Be Happy For Nothing supports a number of projects, both nationally and internationally. Join us in our mission to provide resources, funding and much needed aid to these very worthy causes.

We have many projects all over the globe!

You can click the links below to see what each of our new business owners and community project managers have to say about us!


(For victims of FGM)

bh40 cafés -kenya

A message from the Director

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community sewing project - khanewal, pakistan


Testimonial from Melon Mission - Kenya, Africa.

One of our our monthly support charities.

What they do:

Melon mission a non-profit Christian organisation that provides food, education, clothing and social welfare to kids at the age of 4 - 16 years old.


To facilitate successful transition of derived children with the provision of basic needs.

Melon Mission was founded by Late Bishop Joseph and wife Beatrice 13 years ago and has had support with its day-to-day operations with the help of donors, volunteers and sponsors. They are currently taking care of orphaned, destitute and vulnerable children who live in the slum areas of Kenya. They believe in equality for all children and demonstrate this by serving children regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

If you would like to donate to any of the above organisations please use the online portal by clicking here:

The BHF is our official UK Charity partner and we’re delighted to be working with them to further their fundraising causes. Please read their useful articles from their website, about the importance of staying warm and fed, in line with our England (U.K.) bh40 be happy for nothing “HeatnEatUp” scheme. Check out their information links below, they are packed with great free tips, advice and information on how to keep warm and eat well, so you can look after your heart and stay healthy.
There are two parts to our upcoming Heat "N" Eat Up campaign which are further explained below:

Phase 1 - Heating

You’ll (the service user) have a part to play in it by nominating someone to receive low energy and efficient heaters, that means reduced bills, due to only releasing heat every 2 hours and then shutting down - and keeping an average size room warm for the next 2-3 hours (subject to room size). So, that’s the ‘Heat’ part.

Phase 2 - Eating

What’s the ‘Eat’ part? We’re beavering away behind the scenes to partner with food banks to resource them with support to offer more food, so the person you nominate can receive help with their food shopping in their local area!

No doubt you’ll have a lot of questions, so we’ve tried to answer and post the most expected ones that we’d expect you to ask:

Important info T&Cs:

You spend £10 or more on our store - you can nominate someone to receive a blanket from our store.

You spend £15 or more, on our store - you can nominate someone to receive one of our low energy efficient heaters, compliant, quality, practical and cost saving, from a recognised and established retail supplier to be delivered to your/their doorstep!

All appliances are ISO certified and meet safety standards.

Yes, you can nominate for yourself and others up to 2 heaters/blankets for one home, subject to fulfilling the terms for each appliance/item supplied for this (see points 1 & 2 above).

  • Nominations only accepted after order confirmations.

  • You can nominate different people with every purchase, subject to the purchase limit as stated above. (Delivery details will be required of different locations).

  • Any other queries, drop us an email: ‘ or ask away in comments

if we can’t answer, we’ll get back to you with the info you need!

We’re starting in Leeds and are aiming to respond to each area request and nomination!

Some food banks may require presentation of food vouchers, depending upon location.

It is designed to and should help alleviate ‘HeatnEatUp’ stresses (you or your) dear ones have regarding the dreaded energy and food price hikes we’ve all already been reading and hearing about!

BH40 UK/england Community Fun Day
  Launch day coming soon 2023! 
For BH40 UK - Our charity partner is the British Heart Foundation.

We have supported BHF in our song-a-thons and events from the very beginning and continue to do so.

Every time you donate to the British Heart Foundation, you are potentially offering a new lease of life and quality of life to someone who may possibly need a heart transplant or operation to live.

You pave the way for ground-breaking research to continue, so more lives can be saved or improved.

The support you give through your giving, is priceless to someone that needs it,

to live and live well. Thank you for your generosity.

The amount that you sow now, will be visible in the future.

Your generous giving means life, love and laughter to someone out there, who may be dealing with heart problems.

You can make a donation using our online portal here:

We are proud to work with our Bh40 UK
Commercial & Charity partners


Leeds Food Aid Network


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